Passport Renewals

  1. An application for renewal is done by filling the prescribed specimen form (Form PP1).
  2. Passports are not normally renewed until they are within a period of nine months from the date of expiry.
  3. Since the government is phasing out the old generation passports, all Kenyans who have passport that are due to expire their first 5 year period should apply for a new passport at the Embassy. There is no more extension of the validity of the older generation passports.
  4. Prescribed fee for renewal of Kenyan Passports.
  • Ordinary (‘A’ Series 32 pages) Passport 1,700 baht
  • Ordinary (‘B’ Series 48 pages) Passport at 2,300 baht
  • Diplomatic (‘D’ Series 48 pages) Passport at 2,800 baht
  • Also 64 page passport is now available at 2,800 baht
  1. The Passport Size Photo should be taken with a white background. Any other background will not be accepted with the application.
  2. NOTE: Passport with an observation should not be renewed without prior reference to passport control officer and requirements met.
  3. Geographical Limitations (Addition of Countries): When a geographical limitation is put on a passport and the holder applies for addition of countries, the Immigration Officer must satisfy her/himself that the reasons for geographical limitations are no longer applicable before authorizing addition of countries. Application for geographic extension should be made on the form PP5.